This Will Never Reach You

by Love is a Black Widow

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Social Cancer Records #002
Recorded by Emanual Ellinas at Magnetic Audio
Mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios
Art by Garrett Smith


released September 25, 2013

Connor - Guitar
Cash - Bass
Reagan - Drums
Dan - Vocals



all rights reserved


Social Cancer Records Birmingham, Alabama

Social Cancer is dedicated to the marginalized, the peripheral, and the isolated.

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Track Name: Fairweather
Drag their names through the dirt
Just to keep up an image
Torn between two bad choices
With no positive outcomes
I'm losing my cool more often than I used to
It's 5am I'm still awake and tired of shitty excuses
Put off any discussion
With feigned laughs and fake smiles
I've never felt this two faced
I should have pressed the issue
The people I love are selfish, cold and petty
And I can't pretend to be any better
I will keep my mouth shut
While this guilt crushes my lungs
Walls will close in
Can't fucking cope
Holes in the door
What else is new
Track Name: Keystrokes
The result of weeks alone shows
In unfinished sentences and broken vocal chords
I'm forgetting things I learned along the way
And replacing them with keystrokes and keybindings
and maybe I'd be better off
If I crushed the keys and learned to talk
Rip the cable from my backlit heaven
My eyes feel so fucking strained
Rip the cable from my 16:9 hell
I've forgotten how to speak
Track Name: Lester Lane
I still can't bring myself
To walk down Lester Lane
I still think about you
Every single day
I felt my head split
I felt my mind pour out onto the pavement
I just stayed there
I just baked in the sun and I did not care
I can't collect my thoughts
I need you badly but you are not there
Your wrinkled hand no longer rests on my shoulder
I will let this grief pull me under
Track Name: Monochrome
Chasing after ghosts
Shadows in my room
I see your fucking face
In everything I do
Emotional triggers
Everywhere I go
The sweetest songs of birds
Sound sour and dull
I feel fucking stuck and I don't know what to do
Track Name: This Will Never Reach You
My eyes are swollen and red
But completely dried out
Breaths come sharply
Raspy, forced out
We are all fools marching into the unknown
The future plays out in the dancing of the fog
I said I saw this coming
But was blind all along
I said I saw this coming
But was blind all along
It will be drawn out
And it will be slow
And it will be cold
And it will be alone
I want you to engrave this as a reminder in the back of your head
So you might never have to feel like this
A light in the abyss to guide you through these days
I'm still on the top of the world searching for what we lost along the way
Track Name: Sensory Deprivation
Your faith Is filling up my lungs
To the point where I can hardly breathe
I've got your verses filling up my ears
Until I can't hear anything
I've got your crucifixes in my eyes
Rendering me fucking blind
I've got your bible bound around my wrists
Leaving me totally helpless
Empty soul
Empty words
Pages filled
Meaning lost
Empty words
Empty sky holds nothing for me
Leave me be
Yes I feel hollow
But this is not what I need
Track Name: A Poor Replacement
The sounds bounce off the walls
And reach me again after a slight delay
It's a poor replacement for conversation
But it gets me through to day
I held tight to that bag of feathers
It couldn’t hold to me
I whispered softly to it
But back it could not speak
You are no human being
I tried to pretend I wasn’t alone
But it was blank, faceless, and so fucking cold
Just a figment of a lonely brain
Of a fragment of a human being
Track Name: Love is a Black Widow
What is wrong?
This wall was my canvas and I chose to play god
My trap was hidden and you saw nothing at all
Now I've got your pain lodged in my throat
I chose to play god and I lost
Accusing eyes glare from around every corner
They know what keeps me up at night
The song rang beautiful as it came off the wings
I injected my poison and left you to rot
What is wrong, what is wrong, what is wrong?
I wasn't blind
I chose not to see
I gave up the chance
It wasn't taken from me
Happiness when there is sadness
Beauty when there are jagged edges
Simplicity when there is no reason
I was pissing them away but I didn't believe it
Your wings don't sing anymore and it keeps me up all night